Lighting audits establish a benchmark of your current lighting environment to be used as a basis for the improvement you wish to achieve.

For existing facilities, such an audit can provide valuable information regarding existing lighting and determine its suitability for the space and its usage.  With this information, you will more easily be able to decide what you want and/or need.  We provide these audits free of charge and without obligation to assure that the final product and design meets your expectations.

Our approach to audits is simple:

1) Determine the need 

During a site visit we are able to discuss the needs of the customer and provides a visual basis of understand for each application.  Each customer has specific goals as they enter their project, and it is vital that we understand these goals.

2) Measure the existing environment.

By taking existing light readings we can identify areas that need modification and those that reduced in terms of lighting needs without impacting the light benefit.  For those reasons, we take numerous readings throughout the area to assure full and adequate coverage and to confirm that the unique needs of the space are confirmed