To allow our customers the opportunity to actually see the impact of the changes they are considering, we have supported trial installations for our customers since our founding in 2009.

Our program is simple.  Working with the customer and utilizing the results of the audit and our product specification processes, together we develop an appropriate trial (usually an office or other defined space).  We provide the chosen solution and the customer installs the light(s).  The customer can then utilize the space for a period to assure that the solution works as they have anticipated.  Sometimes, the initial solution does not work as well as we would hope and in those cases, we provide alternate solution for the customer’s consideration.  We recognize that not every problem can be successfully addressed by our products.  We believe that this process provides a win-win scenario for both the customer and Green Edge Lighting.  The customer can clearly see that the solution works before making a large monetary commitment and we find areas in which we need to expand our product line.